I limit my practice to criminal defense and DUI defense because I believe it allows me to focus my entire legal practice on one area of the law.  I have defended people in criminal defense since June 9, 2003.  In Lake County, I have worked as a contract public defender in the Clearlake Superior Court defending people charged with all sorts of misdemeanors since November 2006 and all sorts of felonies until 2008.

Currently, I work as a private criminal defense/DUI defense attorney in Lake and Mendocino Counties.  I go to many criminal defense seminars to ensure that I’m constantly up to date on the law and utilizing the most effective strategies.

Before I became an independent criminal/DUI defense attorney, I worked with two very aggressive and accomplished criminal defense attorneys:  Joshua M. Dale and Tim Pori.  They taught me how to defend people charged with crimes in California and I owe them a debt of gratitude for the wisdom and experience they gave me.  During law school, I interned with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and learned about criminal law from the prosecution’s perspective.  I have found this very useful in negotiating cases with the prosecution as well as understanding how cases can be charged.

I have completed approximately 40 jury trials.  The trials I have completed are mostly DUI and felony trials.


The first step I take in defending a person is to interview them and find out their side of the story.  The reason I offer free initial consultations is that way the client can form an impression about who their attorney is and what I may be able to accomplish in their case.  Additionally, I offer a free initial consultation so that the client can consult with other attorneys and choose the attorney that best meets his/her needs.

After being retained, I review the initial discovery given by the prosecution, frequently police reports.  I like to go over the police report with my client to find out if they disagree with the police report.  Finally, I request discovery from the prosecution and frequently independently investigate the case either by myself or by having an investigator interview witnesses, review video and audio evidence, and visit the scene where everything took place.  This allows me to be prepared to challenge the prosecution’s case and advise you of the strengths and the weaknesses of your case.  It also allows me to negotiate from a stronger position and gives the prosecution notice that there is no such thing as a simple case.

My philosophy is to look at each case individually and determine what needs to be done, because each case is unique and each of my clients has different needs.  I also work hard at maintaining good communications with my clients, because by listening to my clients I can make sure I don't miss an important fact.

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